Unseasonably warm weather reaction


KIMT News 3 – Unseasonably warm weather is hitting parts of North Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Mike Callanan of Clear Lake said he is enjoying the warm weather, especially when it comes to decorating and hanging up around a thousand light bulbs outside.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Callanan. “Fifty-five degrees on Nov. 28 for North Iowans, that’s a bonus.”

Callanan said his family has decorated the outside of their home in all kinds of weather.

“It’s a lot easier to do it when it’s pleasant out, opposed to when it’s cold and snowy.”

Callanan said he is hoping for snow when the date gets closer to Christmas to set the mood and make the decorations pop.

Mason City Operations and Maintenance manager William Stangler said there might not be snow outside, but his department still has a lot of projects to work on.

“We’re picking up yard waste, we’re doing large item pick ups, we’re patching pot holes,” said Stangler. “We’re replacing water hydrants and fixing some water main leaks.”

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