Watch out for deer on the roadways

MASON CITY, Iowa- Drivers may not have to worry about ice on the roads at the moment, but a four-legged danger should be on your radar.

Hawkeye Auto Body manager Ryan Knoll said this year, around 70 people have come in for an estimate after car accidents involving deer.

Knoll said his biggest recommendation is to slow down if you think you see a deer nearby. “And not swerve, if you swerve, you could go in the ditch, hit another car. The best thing to do is just slow down and come to a stop.”

He said drivers should especially be on the lookout near wooded areas or around rivers, but deer can be anywhere.

“I actually wrote an estimate for a gentleman that hit one right downtown by the mall, in front of the mall by the parking lot,” said Knoll. “There’s a river of course that goes right through there, and there’s a river that goes through Mason City, they [deer] could be anywhere.”


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