Golden Apple: Amanda Guenthner

ROCHESTER, Minn. – An assembly held Tuesday morning in Rochester meant a lot to a local teacher.

At Franklin Elementary School, Mrs. Amanda Guenthner was surprised to find out she is our Golden Apple award winner for this week.

“I was going to cry, I’m emotional … it was so sweet,” Guenthner told us after getting the award in front of hundreds of students, including her own.

“She inspired us, she was kind and nice, she helped us when if we had trouble and she was really funny, she made jokes all the time,” now sixth-grader Brianna Ramirez says about her former teacher.

Despite being out of her classroom for three years, Brianna is the one who thought Mrs. Guenthner deserved our award.

“Well she is the best teacher … it’s in my opinion,” she told us.

Mrs. Guenther says she loves her job and one of the best parts is having an impact on students’ lives and being a role model for them. One of the ways she makes an impact is by using her humor.

“I don’t take things too seriously and I like to joke around just kind of be a kid myself sometimes,” she tells us.


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