Holiday package safety

MASON CITY, Iowa – Chad Lancaster is stopping by the Mason City Post Office to drop off a few packages to mail out to friends.

But he has a safety technique that helps him with his items.

“And I do a lot of stuff on eBay and everything that I ship has a tracking number and I’m able to track and make sure that it is delivered and it’s been 100 percent — I’ve never had a package lost,” says Lancaster.

Acting Postmaster Les Ballard has been quite busy this holiday season and has some safety tips.

“First of all, don’t send cash through the mail — get a check or money order,” says Ballard.

“If they come to my house and if I’m not home, one of my neighbors picks them up. She’s a nice lady next door, so it works out great,” says Lancaster.

But if you are not at home when your packages arrive, Les says there is another option for you.

“If you don’t have a secure location for your packages, if you call up here and ask us to hold it for you, we can.”

As for Chad, he says he’s thankful that he has not been in a bad situation but knows it’s pretty common around this time of year.

“People at this time of year, you know, look for the mailman the UPS guy, FedEx guy and scam things off of people’s steps.”

“When sending packages, just make sure that you’ve got everything correct, the zip code because we don’t want to delay it. If you’re ordering things and you’ve moved within the last 18 months, make sure that the company has your current address,” says Ballard.

Forty percent of the world’s mail volume is handled by the United States Postal Service.

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