Psychological First Aid training

MASON CITY, Iowa – Trauma, and dealing with it can be difficult. This time of year, it can be especially tough. And while many think of trauma being caused by plane crashes, hurricanes or something of that nature, it can be found more often in everyday life.

“There’s just as much violence exposure, maybe even more when you start to measure it in the community, where there is domestic violence, street violence, community gang violence,” Dr. Robert Macy, founder of the International Trauma Center said. “And then there’s the trauma of motor vehicle accidents and people having really significant fights and end up hurting each other.”

That’s the message those in charge are trying to get across, that car accidents or any type of violence can affect a lot of people.

“It affects not just the immediate family or the individuals who’ve been victimized but the whole community,” Four Oaks Mason City Director Mark Neibauer said. “And so it’s important that we all come together and try to address it in a unified way.”

Some of the training includes how to help people after an event, figuring out what they need, offering practical assistance and connecting survivors to support networks. And the two days of training for educators, mental health workers and first responders in North Iowa will hopefully in turn help all those in the area.

“I think this part of Iowa is going to be really lucky to have a response team can handle community exposure to violence and trauma,” Macy said.

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