How you could help an area food bank secure a $5K donation


ROCHESTER, Minn. – The holidays can put extra stress on family budgets, which is why hunger relief organizations like area food banks stay very busy this time of year.

To help out, Merchants Bank is launching their annual Swipe Out Hunger campaign. Food shelves across the state are nominated by Merchants Bank branches, and this year Channel One Regional Food Bank was nominated for the first time.

The nominated organizations will receive a donation based on the number of online votes cast within the next week. The total possible donation will increase by 5 cents each time a customer uses their Merchants Bank debit or credit cards between Nov. 28 and Dec. 7.

The food bank with the highest number of online votes will receive $5,000.

“If we were lucky enough to be the winner, to have enough votes, $5,000 would help us provide 20,000 meals to people in need in southeast Minnesota,” explains Jennifer Woodford, executive director of Channel One. “We can provide enough food for four meals with every dollar, so really just a couple of clicks could do an awful lot of good.”

She adds any kind of support they receive is especially appreciated this time of year.

“When families are already trying to determine where every dollar is going to go, sometimes that just pushes you over the edge,” Woodford says. “We’re really grateful at Channel One that people are thinking about how they can get involved over the holidays so we can make sure that we have enough food available for those who need it.”

Follow this link to vote — you can vote once every 24 hours.


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