MCPD lawsuit settled


MASON CITY, Iowa – It all started at Menard’s back in 2014. An employee at the store accused Kristopher Alcorn from Clear Lake of assaulting him.

“I asked to see the paperwork related to the criminal case and my first reaction was to be shocked by looking at the investigating file,” said Glen Downey, Alcorn’s attorney.

Alcorn was charged after an investigation by Mason City police for assault causing serious injury.  He then went to trial.

“Reading the transcript of the trial where even when the alleged victim of the assault went on the stand and asked to identify the perpetrator in the courtroom said well I can’t, he isn’t here.  That was with Mr. Alcorn sitting in the chair of the defendant,” Downey said.

It was there, Alcorn says, two witnesses and the victim couldn’t identify him as the person who caused the assault.  He was found not guilty.  He decided to sue Mason City police for improperly investigating the allegations and ignoring the lack of evidence.

“A better investigation could have been done. The fact that it got as far down the road that it did, to me is unfortunate,” Chief Jeff Brinkley said.

The lawsuit was settled and Alcorn will receive $137,500. Brinkley says changes will be made from within.

“We have to constantly be looking for better ways to do business. We have to understand how we are accountable to ourselves but also to the community,” Brinkley said.

Alcorn is hoping those changes happen, he said in a statement to KIMT.

“This settlement can’t erase what happened. I’m just hoping the people involved learn from it and the policies they have promised to implement will make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Alcorn said in a statement.

Brinkley says written policies will be put in place.

“We need to close that gap, put some written procedures in place to make sure that we’re getting things done when we need to get them done, supervisors are getting a timely review done and that we’re not having anything fall in a gap,” Brinkley said.

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