Salvation Army volunteers needed

MASON CITY, Iowa- The sound of a bell ringer this time of year is a familiar sound for folks as they are out shopping, but maybe even more familiar for Mason City local Charles Seifert, who has been volunteering with the Salvation Army for the last 75 years.

“People need a lot of help and it is just easier to volunteer at the Salvation Army, which needs volunteers all of the time,” says Seifert.

Seifert is a veteran himself and says he does this not only for his country, but for his local community.

“They go to the floods and help out the people in the houses plus helping with their property,” he says. “They are always there when we need help.”

Much of the money they receive goes toward other programs as well, such as their after school efforts and rent assistance program, but a lack of kettle bell ringers could mean changes for the next year.

“If we don’t reach our goal at Christmas, we do have a start pushing things back for the year. If our budgets really go down, maybe my budget goes down for people to rent,” says Tracy Hedegard-Stump, the Social Services director.

Hedegard-Stump says as of right now, they only have 10 percent of their $250,000 goal for the year, meaning they need more volunteers even if you aren’t as dedicated as Seifert.

“I’ll keep doing this until I die.”

For details on how to sign up, you can call 641-424-4031, which will bring you to the Salvation Army help desk.

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