Working out in the elements of winter

MASON CITY, Iowa – On Wednesday, the first snow fell in Mason City — but that’s not stopping one CrossFit class from getting outdoors. Coach Derek Saltou is making sure everyone stays safe.

“When we have people outside, it’s just like when you’re working out inside — you have to be careful of not redlining because if you get to that point where that heart rate is going too high, then you start to get into what we call a danger zone, and that’s why they call it a red line,” Saltou said.

For some, getting outside may not happen until after work when the sun is already gone. But if you still want to work up a sweat while it’s dark, there’s clothing you can wear to protect yourself.

“A lot of our new clothing that’s come out has reflective pieces built into it,” MC Sports Assistant Manager Amber Colombo said. “All of our running tights are reflective, all of our shirts have reflective circles built into it so you don’t have to wear a vest.”

You can also wear shoes that are reflective and flashing lights to keep yourself safe. And although it could seem like a hassle and one challenge on top of another, running outdoors can be beneficial.

“It’s good to get outside and run and what not because it helps condition the lungs actually,” Saltou said. “So there’s a lot of benefits as far as running.”

Saltou also says that warming up your muscles before you go outside is one of the most important steps you can take in preventing injuries.

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