Christmas light display damaged

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- During this time of year, many houses and businesses are getting into the holiday spirit and decorating their place with Christmas lights. The Freeborn County Historical Museum’s display was destroyed.

Many volunteers help put up Christmas lights year after year at the museum and this year dozens of light bulbs were damaged.

Some bulbs were also removed and placed on backwards, wires were cut and an adapter was stolen. Those with the museum believe there is a lesson to be learned.

“It’s more about the education of the matter. You don’t know what went behind anything that you’re wrecking or destroying,” said Kim Nelson, Executive Director at Freeborn County Historical Museum. “You don’t know what happened there and you don’t know the story.”

This is the second year in a row the museum’s light display was damaged, but that’s not stopping Mark Light and the other six volunteers from continuing to help out.

“When we’re in the middle of doing this, we don’t think about the one or two bad apples that come and wreck things,” said Light.  “We think about how this place looks and people like seeing this display at the museum. We’re thinking more of the good side than the bad side when you’re doing this kind of stuff.”

Nelson says she’s just thankful they have volunteers, like Mark, to help put these lights up each year.

“It’s a little disheartening for volunteers and the work that they do and then to see that happen,” said Nelson. “It’s a process to check all the lights every year and laying them all out and making sure that the breakers are right.”

All of the light bulbs that were damaged are now repaired.

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