City holds meeting to answer questions about “Quiet Zone” project


MASON CITY, Iowa- The Mason City City Council will vote on the bid and contract to move forward with the “Quiet Zone” project, but until then, a meeting Thursday is giving the community a chance to ask their questions about the project.

The projects goal is to have less train sirens for a mile and a half stretch of Union Pacific railway starting from 15th street Southwest to 9th street Northwest. 5 piece of road will be majorly impacted. 9th street Northwest and 4th Street Southwest will be completely shut down while medians designed to keep people from turning around and crossing arms will be installed at 15th street Southwest, 6th street Southwest and 1st street Northwest.

Though the idea is to quiet the trains, some are not happy with the plans.

“You are going to hear the trains as they pass anyway, it’s not going to be quiet,” says Donna Easley of Mason City. “We use 9th street all the time, if they shut that down we are going to have to drive all way way around.”

Easley has lived in her home only a block and a half away from the intersection in question for 20 years and says this change will have a major impact on her everyday life.

“We bought our house for location so we’re close to everything, she says. “We will have to go around and that’s not right.”

According to the city engineer, 9th street sees about 600 to 800 cars on a daily basis.

“We know this is going to have an impact on some people,” says Mark Rahm, the Mason City City Engineer. “We want to let them know what’s all inclusive of this project and show them what kind of devices are going to be put in place what’s happening at each of the intersections that are being affected by this project.”

But Easley says she isn’t happy with the plans the city has for her part of town.

“It makes me very disappointed in the city it really does,” she says. “They aren’t thinking about the safety of the kids or things like that.”

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