Two years of the Faith Talk Show

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Religion is one of those topics many avoid in causal conversation, but two years ago a local woman dared to base an entire talk show around it.

“In the beginning, I was just trying to make it past one show and get some people in the seats,” says Regina Mustafa, host of the Faith Talk Show which celebrated its two year anniversary on Thursday.

The show is held once a month at the Rochester Public Library, and streamed online. Each show features guests that talk about their religion or beliefs. Everything from Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, and Islam have been covered.

Mustafa says she hopes learning about one another’s beliefs will create more acceptance. She says it doesn’t have to be difficult to talk about these topics if it’s done in a respectful way.

“I think it’s changing the community to say, “hey what can I do, what kind of conversation can I have with somebody who I may perceive to be the other?” Whether it’s somebody from another religion, or another ethnicity or any kind of lifestyle,” she says.

“I believe in my faith so much and I imagine that other people do with their religion as well,” she continues. “Any other country in the world where you should feel confidant and safe in practicing one’s religion; it’s the United States, and that’s why I keep going because I am not going to let anybody trample on our rights to practice our faith and not to be marginalized, demonized or discriminated against because of our religious practice.”

She says there are big plans for the Faith Talk Show in 2017. Not only does she hope to take it on the road and into smaller communities surrounding Rochester, Mustafa also plans to expand on the premise of the show to include other social issues outside of religion.

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