Shotgun deer season preparations

MASON CITY, Iowa- The shotgun deer season will begin in Iowa on Dec. 3.

Colby Dickes of Clear Lake said he has already started preparing for the hunting season. He said it’s important to to have the proper clothing for the season.

“The last thing you want to do is be out in the field or the woods somewhere and realize your toes are getting cold or you don’t have the right gloves and your fingers are cold,” said Dickes. “It makes hunting unenjoyable sometimes.”

Dickes shopped at Fleet Farm in Mason City on Friday to pick up some items to help clean his gun. “[If you don’t clean out your gun], it can cause your gun to fail, it can cause your barrel to explode,” said Dickes. “Having clean equipment and properly functioning equipment is huge.”

He said it’s important for hunters to know their location, to avoid getting lost and to know what type of land conditions to prepare for.



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