Students practice interviewing with the help of Mason City professionals


MASON CITY, Iowa – Technology can be used for any number of things and on Friday seniors at Newman High School had the chance to practicing interviewing.

“After I go through college I’m going to be taking a lot of interviews and there’s going to be a lot of people going for the same job I’m looking for which is a commercial pilot,” senior Gavin Nelson said. “So it’ll definitely help me get the edge up and be able to do a better interview then everyone else doing it there.”

The program is coordinated by Mason City CAN, a group of professionals working to help students succeed. They hope by coming in they will open the students eyes about what they can expect in the future.

“I think students don’t always know that these types of activities will exist in their future,” Anne Boyer with Mason City CAN said. “That this is the type of communication that they’ll be doing not only as they’re applying for jobs but also as they are looking at going on to college.”

The interviews were filmed and watching his video back once, Nelson is already taking away tips.

“What I definitely learned is that I need to make more eye contact and I definitely need to talk about more of my strength instead of just a few or one,” he said.

The group will also watch the students interviews and come back next week to offer tips of their own, something Nelson is looking forward to.

“I know I’m not the smartest at all of this and there’s other people that know a ton more and I will generously take their advice because they know a ton more than I do,” Nelson said.

Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley spoke to the group after they were finished interviewing to answer questions and offer tips of his own.

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