Fire training for Freeborn County firefighters


ALBERT LEA, Iowa- Firefighters in Freeborn County participated in live firing training on Saturday.

Albert Lea Fire Department deputy fire chief Jeff Laskowske said part of the training is burning a structure down. “The homeowner no longer wants it, it’s no longer habitable, so we’re burning it to the ground to get rid of the remains of the house.”

Jeff Laskowske said live training has become more difficult to do, so every opportunity is appreciated.

“The standards and regulations out there that prohibit different things with it makes it very tough to do it now today,” said Laskowske. “This whole process took us about a month, month and a half, to have all the papers signed, permits everything in place to actually burn this structure.”

Laskowske said there is a variety of training involved including incident command training, flow path training, fire and behavior training.

Al McCornack of Albert Lea lives next door to the structure that was burnt down. He said if the house is going to be demolished, he’s glad it was done by local firefighters.

“It makes it safer for people driving by on the county road or the state highway, it makes safer for neighbors like myself, and it gives them a chance to train in a live condition.”

In 2015, there were more than six thousand reported structure fires that fire departments responded to in Minnesota.

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