Inspections needed for safety

MASON CITY, Iowa – After dozens of people died in a warehouse fire in California, local officials gave out tips on how to make sure your home is safe.

Mason City housing inspector Ray Quayle said it’s important to make sure your living space is listed as a residential property. He said in the situation in California, people were living in the warehouse illegally, which he said is unsafe.

For residential property to pass inspection, there needs to be a certain amount of firm alarms, fire extinguishers and windows.

“You want to make sure all those things are in place, especially this time of year,” said Quayle. “We want to make sure there’s not an over use of extension cords and stuff like that, but that’s why we have housing inspections to make sure something like this doesn’t occur here.”

The number of known deaths in the Oakland warehouse is 36. The building reportedly had a number of electrical cords lying around and only two exits.

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