Local boy becomes a Scholastic kid reporter

BRITT, Iowa – For many going into the journalism industry, you get an itch for reporting early on.

Recently, a local elementary student found out his stories won’t just be jotted in a notebook any longer, they will be published worldwide.

“You can tell that (story) to the world and you can tell (people) what things are in your area,” said Brandon Peterson, a fourth-grader at West Hancock Elementary.

He said that’s what really excites him about becoming a reporter.

Over 300 kids around the world submitted their work to Scholastic to possibly become a kid reporter, and only 39 students were picked, which included Peterson.

“I did it (the report) on the Britt’s Hobo Days, which is here in town every year, and I posted that on Scholastic,” said Peterson. ” Then I was told I was going to be a scholastic kid reporter.”

Peterson hopes to become a meteorologist one day after seeing a tornado a few years back.

He said he is working on his first story with Scholastic about NASA’s satellite GOES-R.

“I’ve done a little bit of research on it, it’s not just one satellite they put up there — they made more than one series of GOES-R.”

West Hancock Elementary talented and gifted teacher Elizabeth Gretillat said Peterson has already mentioned several other stories he plans to work on.

“I believe Brandon already has 12 ideas for different articles, so he’s ready to roll.”

Peterson said he’s hoping to go to Des Moines on Dec. 8 to see President-elect Donald Trump while he is visiting.

“Possibly ask him a question and write it in my notebook,” said Peterson. “If I say, ‘If this doesn’t happen’ or ‘If you do this or do that,’ and he talks about that, I can write that down in here.”

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