Caring for the elderly during the holidays


MASON CITY, Iowa – A big part of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends, but it can be stressful.

Elderbridge Agency of Aging options counselor Sara Turnbull provided some tips on how to prevent loved ones, especially the elderly, from getting stressed out this time of year.

Turnbull said to make sure to gauge how many people you’re expecting at holiday festivities. She said sometimes smaller gatherings are easier for the elderly to handle.

“Sometimes because it’s hard for people to be around so many other people, sometimes it’s easier to take your gathering to them,” said Turnball. “Take them dinner, take your family time to them so that maybe it’s just immediate family, that can help as well.”

Turnball said another thing you can do is make sure everyone is included in holiday preparation.

“Involve them in planning dinner, involve them in any activities you have going on,” said Turnball. “Even though they may say ‘no,’ at least they know you have given them the opportunity to be part of that and you want them there.”

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