Golden Apple: Mary Hodak


MANLY, Iowa –  Central Springs High School life sciences instructor Mary Hodak received KIMT’s Golden Apple Award on Tuesday.

The Golden Apple Award is a special recognition given to outstanding teachers during the school year. Students are able to tell us on our website why their teacher is outstanding and KIMT picks a winner every week.

Hodak said she is honored that a student took time out of their day to recognize her as a special teacher.

“It means a lot to me.”

Sophomore Dylan Kisner said learning about cells and the human body in science class can be difficult, but what makes Hodak a great science teacher is the fact she always wants to help.

“Honestly, I love coming in here because of her. She’s very positive,” said Kisner. “It’s nice to have her in the beginning because she brings up the rest of your day.”

Sophomore Kessa Fingalsen said she enjoys going to science class because Hodak is always cheerful and encourages her to continue to work hard.

“She goes above and beyond. I can come in before school, after school during lunch, any time of the day.”

Hodak said her job is much more than just making sure students are scientifically literate. She said it’s important to know the students, even if that means saying hello to students passing in the hallway.

“For them to pick up on that, even outside of what I’m teaching,” said Hodak. “It means a lot to me.”

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