Mason City Council approve 3 major items


MASON CITY, Iowa – On Tuesday, the Mason City City Council met in their regularly scheduled meeting with a full agenda.

A more controversial item that was approved is the quiet zones project. The plans would mean building barricades at several intersections as well as shutting down Ninth Street NW and Fourth Street SW so that trains running on about a mile and a half stretch of Union Pacific railway would not have to sound their whistles.

Many have voiced their concerns over closing the two intersections, saying it would cut them off of parts of their everyday life, but the council says it will be safer and create a better quality of life for folks in Mason City.

“From the barriers and things that we’re going to be installing in the future, I think this will increase safety,” says Councilman and Mayor Pro tem Travis Hickey. “Some people are worried about emergency response time, but I think this will increase the safety for many people.”

The council also approved a motion to settle a lawsuit with a Clear Lake man. Christopher Alcorn accused the Mason City Police Department of not thoroughly investigating the allegations that he attacked a Menards employee.

The council also approved term limits be set on all mayor-appointed board members such as the Planning and Zoning and Commissions, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservations. Those appointed would serve five terms and positions that serve six terms would be limited to three terms.

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