Workshop aims to help people better understand LGBTQ identity

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Maybe you’ve seen signs at schools or libraries labeling a location as a “Safe Zone.” It’s a term that indicates a space is a safe and affirming environment for members of the LGBTQ community.

On Tuesday evening, the co-creator of the Safe Zone Project, Meg Bolger, spoke at the Rochester Public Library.

The free workshop called, “LGBTQ Foundations: Understanding Identity, Privilege, and Beyond” aims to help people better understand LGBTQ identity.

“We’re going to talk about the difference between gender, sex and sexuality and kind of helping tease apart those three different concepts so that people have an easier time understanding that new vocabulary that’s coming out and having an easier time understanding the complexity and nuance of a lot of this,” Bolger explains.

As an LGBTQ educator, she travels across the country to conduct trainings. Her goal is to create an environment where people can ask questions without fear or shame that they don’t already know the answers.

“I think that there’s a lot of expectation around a lot of diversity topics right now, particularly maybe gender/sexuality stuff,” she adds. “That, ‘you should already know this, you should already know the vocabulary, you should already be on board, and we shouldn’t even have to have these types of workshops.’ I just don’t think that is true, I think most people need a place to learn, need a place to ask questions.”

Free online resources can be found at The Safe Zone Project:

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