Plea deal in Hancock County

Antoine Smith
Antoine Smith

BRITT, Iowa – A man facing multiple charges in Hancock County has reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

42-year-old Antoine Lamont Smith was arrested on July 27 after a high speed chase that began on Highway 18 between Garner and Britt.  It ended after Smith allegedly ran over some stop sticks and tried driving only on the rims of his front tires.

Two deputies were injured and two law enforcement vehicles were heavily damaged in taking Smith into custody.

In addition, the Britt Police Department says a search of Smith’s vehicle after the chase discovered over a pound of marijuana.  A baggie of marijuana that Smith allegedly threw from his vehicle during the pursuit was also recovered.

Smith is now pleading guilty to charges of eluding, OWI-1st offense and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.  Two counts of assault are being dismissed.

As part of this deal, charges are also being dropped for another incident on May 30.  The Britt Police Department says a traffic stop on that day allegedly found Smith in a vehicle with a loaded handgun and less than 50 kilograms of marijuana under the passenger seat.

Smith is due to be sentenced on January 3.

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