School shootings skyrocketing


MASON CITY, Iowa – A chilling video is becoming a conversation topic after recently appearing on social media.

It was posted by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization as a way to raise awareness about gun violence and the impact an active shooter situation can have on a school.

A recent study published in the Injury Prevention Journal listed off school shooting data that will alarm you.  It showed that from 2013 to 2015, there have been about 154 school shootings on both college campuses and K-12 schools.  What seems most alarming is that in the same three-year span, the number of school shootings went up each year.  In 2013, law enforcement responded to 35 shootings. The next year that number rose to 55.  By 2015, there were 64 shooting incidents reported, which is nearly double the amount reported just two years before.

Mason City High School’s resource officer says it’s a frightening trend to witness.

“It concerns me because there is a lot of bullying going on as well as threats other kids are making to other people.  We need to be aware of that going on and make sure an adult is informed of it,” Mason City Officer Jason Trask said.

Trask says staff members in the district are being trained to look for signs that a shooting might take place.

To view the video, visit:

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