Britt Parade of Trees begins

BRITT, Iowa- For the last 2 years the Britt ‘Parade of Trees’ has kicked off the ‘Frozen Frolic’ in town for no other reason than “it’s fun”.

The ‘Frozen Frolic’ is a day where participating businesses give one day deals to folks. The ‘Parade of Trees’ allows folks to decorate a tree and vote on the many other trees designed by local families and businesses.

“Last year we had about 10 to 12 trees, this year we have 10,” says Carol Rork, the Secretary of the Friends of the Library group. “It is just fun to see what people come up with. We hope more people will gather up some of their collectibles and decorate a tree.”

Anyone can come by and vote up to once a day. The winner will get “Britt Bucks” to spend around town. The final day to vote is Saturday followed by a fireman soup dinner.

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