Collaborative Project Initiative


MASON CITY, Iowa – Mason City schools are one of ten schools across the state of Iowa who have the honor to be a part of a collaborative competency based education program project.

And students at Lincoln intermediate had the opportunity to showcase their projects.

“Today we have an opportunity to showcase that the work and the impact our students and our classroom teachers have made by thinking, teaching and learning differently offering more student choices and a voice in learning and thinking about how we can take learning outside of the classroom to real-life applications,” says Dr. Susan Pecinovsky, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction.

“I learned about micro space and that it is a program where you get to program and control robots,” says Derek Loeschen, Student.

Students like Madi May say it’s programs like this one that are beneficial for students.

“It’s important because we all have access to the stuff and  we all get to do lots of great things, lots of great activities it’s just everybody loves it.”

“Students are excited about the work I think what keeps them engaged is the learning and that they have a voice and what they’re learning about and how they’re demonstrating their learning to teachers,” says Pecinovsky.

As for Derek, he says he is hopeful that other schools will be able to get the same experiences he and his classmates have.

“I think that more schools should try this program because it helps a lot of kids understand things.”

“I think it’s important that for us today that we get to demonstrate the work going on in Mason city schools and knowing that we’re a part of this that were part of the state work and contributing and are learning from the state initiative, so we appreciate the opportunity as well,” Pecinovsky.


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