Family speaks out after dog finds himself in sticky situation


NORA SPRINGS, Iowa- Curiosity got the better of a 1 year old black lab on Wednesday when his owner says he chased an animal and ended up in the Shell Rock River.

“I was walking by the Greenbelt apparently he saw something and he ended up in the river,” says Robert Swanson, Nora Springs. “He found a ledge on the side of river apparently it was 30 feet down.”

Swanson says it took an hour and a half for Nora Springs rescue crews to help Zach out of his predicament.

“One of the firemen was harnessed up, they drop them down for the dog, they put a harness around them and put them both up,” he said.

Though this little troublemaker is back home running around with his loving family, this isn’t the first time his curiosity has gotten him in trouble.

“It was about 6 months ago, again he went chasing after an animal and ended up across Highway 18,” Swanson says. “When the police came he just hoped in the patrol car and we went and picked him up. The Nora Springs Fire Crew and Police did a great job. We are so happy to have him home.”

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