Preparing For Snow


MASON CITY, Iowa – Shovels, scrapers and snow melt were a few of the items customers stopped by to pick up at the Ace Hardware Store In Mason City.

“They have been coming to get their things and tubes to put on the back of the car, scrapers they have been picking up gas cans today to get their snow blowers ready,’ says Linda Gerundson, Assistant Manager.

Patrick Harnack says he is prepared for the heavy snowfall.

“Make sure that my snow blowers tuned up, ready to go with gasoline and the oils been changed.”

Those at local hardware stores also have to be ready.

“Well we order once a week and we look into the future and make sure we get a bunch of items like we bought the sand tubes in so they’re not hard as a rock they’re easy to load,’ says Linda.

Patrick may be more prepared than most, but that’s because he has seen it all, so he says if you can stay home that’s the best advice he can give.

“People should be aware of the conditions and not go out when it’s not the appropriate opportunity to do so because otherwise I used to be a firefighter and EMT and I went into situations where people you know had not been real smart about their movements.”

“It’s important that they are actually prepared in their car like if you’re in your car you’re going to want to have an extra pair of gloves, hat just in case your car stalls or something they should probably have a little kit in there in case they go in the ditch,” says Linda.

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