Staying safe in the snow

MASON CITY, Iowa – From shoveling to scraping to sliding all over the road, people across our area are dealing with the aftermath of the first significant snowfall of the season.

“Well, I’ve been out here about a half an hour to 45 minutes and I got a snow blower, but figures that the darn thing won’t start today, so I need to get to shoveling before the Vikings come on,” says Mason City resident Pete Paulson.

Out on the roads, extra patrols are making sure everyone stays safe.

“As always in these conditions when you have snowfall, visibility is reduced so you just have slow down, buckle up, drive defensively and always make sure you have enough gas in your car to get where you’re going,” says Iowa State Patrol Trooper Andrew Albright.

And for the first significant snowfall of the season, it has been so far, so good.

“There’s been quite a few vehicles in the ditch and in the medians on the interstate and on the Avenue of the Saints, and there’s been some minor accidents, but for the most part everybody’s been pretty safe,” says Albright.

It seems old man winter is here to stay, so many like Pete are making the most of it.

“Well we have a couple grandchildren and so it’s fun to go out and play in the snow with the grandchildren and go sledding down at East Spark and stuff like that.”

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