Young reporter attends President-elect Trump event

BRITT, Iowa- Like any good writer, Brandon Peterson, a fourth-grader at West Hancock Elementary, starts telling his stories in chronological order.

“We drove down there. That took over two hours, then we went to dinner,” says Peterson.

Then gets to the climax, or the point of the story, and for Peterson, that was attending an event held by President-elect Donald Trump in Des Moines. He had a chance to cover the event from the press box as well as take pictures and ask questions to those attending the event.

“I asked the kids if they held an election in their schools. I then asked some members of the media if they thought Trump would make a good president, why or why not, and what their job was,” says Peterson.

Peterson earned this opportunity after submitting an article on “Hobo Days” to Scholastic Kids. He now comes up with his own content that he writes and has sent in on a deadline. His piece on the President-elect is due this Saturday, but as you can imagine, not many kids are given this opportunity.

“Only a handful of students get selected and Brandon is the only one in the Midwest,” says Michelle Dehart, the West Hancock Elementary School Principal. “There are a few kids throughout the United States that get chosen, and a couple from out of the country as well.”

Dehart says Brandon’s passion for writing is what separates him from other young writers, but for him, he is just doing what he loves.

“You don’t have to tell your story. You can tell someone else’s who can live anywhere in the world,” he says.

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