Golden Apple: Christopher Arp

ROCKFORD, Iowa – “I had him last year and he has a really good teaching curriculum. It’s better than any teacher I’ve had at school and it’s a lot of hands-on activities,” says student William Portis.

Senior William Portis nominated Mr. Arp, also known as Señor Arp by his students, for the Golden Apple award.

He has been teaching eighth through twelfth grade Spanish since 2009.

“Spanish is a very important thing to learn and I think that learning another language allows the students to have contact with other cultures and just to think about things differently,” says Christopher Arp.

He also says it’s important to prepare his students for life after high school.

“He showed me opportunities like at a Lutheran College where you can study abroad and stuff because he did stuff like that, so he’s really showed me the path,” says Portis.

And his goal is to build a foundation for his students to learn new things.

“I want students to feel like they can learn and be successful and learning and acquiring a foreign language and so I want to set up an environment in the classroom where that’s achievable,” says Arp.

“Every day he’s looking to teach Spanish, he always teaches from when the bell rings until the bell rings again. He likes to teach the whole time and he cares for every student.”

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