Initiative to help fund repairs on furnaces

KIMT News 3 – An initiative to help fund repairs and replacements on furnaces for the elderly is seeing some changes this year.

According to those with the North Iowa Area Council of Government, the program started back in 2012 and could potentially help around 40 elderly homeowners. However, the main source of funds for that program has changed.

NIACOG was awarded money from United Way of North Central Iowa, but that would only help fund 26 homeowners and the money comes in over a period of time. Myrtle Nelson, the NIACOG senior planner, says currently they have money to fund three homes, but they are working to try and get more funds.

“We are working to get more funds, but the guiltiness changed,” says Nelson. “We are confident we will be able to get the funds, but it will mean we are going to be able to do less homes, but we will be able to do bigger projects.”

To find out if you qualify, click the link below.

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