It may be too cold to even ice fish


KIMT News 3 – Clear Lake is already frozen with reports of 6 inches of ice in some areas — but with the temperatures struggling to get above zero this week, experts say it may be too cold to start ice fishing.

“Some people are going to be out there, but it will just be too cold this weekend even with some of the higher end snowsuits we sell,” says Dan Krauth, owner of Crazy Minnows Company in Clear Lake. “This cold is going to be good for making thicker ice, but the snow we are looking at isn’t going to help.”

Experts say venturing out this week means making sure you have extra layers and covering up all exposed skin.

“There are some signs of hypothermia you want to look for,” says Mason City firefighter Patrick Duffey. “If you start to shiver, get confused or lose coordination, it is time to get warm.”

But even being inside may not be enough.

“You can still get hypothermia when indoors,” he says. “If you are working in a poorly heated shop or house, you need to pay attention to your body.”

For those looking forward to ice fishing say, this early ice is a good start.

“I think we are going to have a good year,” says Krauth. “We have all of our bait and tackles in, we just need the weather to cooperate.”

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