Reviewing privatized Medicaid


KIMT News 3 – As 2017 approaches, those on the Iowa Legislature’s Health Policy Oversight Committee want to get answers on how well the newly-privatized Medicaid system is working in the state.

State Senator Amanda Ragan and several other lawmakers are providing input on how well the switch has gone this year.  Ragan spent her day in Des Moines, we saw via livestream. While Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said the change would have a positive impact, Ragan says she is only hearing concerns and has questions she wants answered.

“Is there any chance of having prior authorization for all three of the same companies, can you explain where you see this savings, how can we make sure some of the neediest Iowans are able to get services without having to jump through all the same hoops,” Ragan said.

Ragan says she hopes democrats and republicans can come together to make Medicaid work for those who need it most.

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