Rochester man charged after alleged assault


CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Minn. – A 23-year-old Rochester man is facing several charges after allegedly assaulting someone at a party last month.

On Nov. 13, Rochester police say Bolus Dimbiti was at a party with the 18-year-old victim in the 6500 block of Chippewa Lane NW.

The victim told police he and Dimbiti were getting along before Dimbiti told him to come to the bathroom so he could show him something. At that point, Dimbiti allegedly displayed an Uzi-style gun before asking the victim for “all of his crap.” The victim didn’t give anything away and was assaulted with the gun.

The investigation that involved the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office and the Rochester Police Department revealed that the gun used in the assault was the same one used in a recent fight near Colonial Lanes in Rochester.

Dimbiti faces charges of aggravated robbery and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.


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