Smoke detector 101


KIMT News 3 – It’s a household item that could save your life, but too many times it’s forgotten about.

“Do you know where you’re supposed to have smoke detectors in your home?” Reporter asked.

“Your kitchen, around there when smoke is going to be,” David Stephenson from Clear Lake answered.

“Do you know how long your smoke detector lasts, when it expires?” Reporter asked.

“I’m going to guess yearly,” Erinn Nicholas from Clear Lake said.

A recent study by the National Fire Protection Association shows nine out of 10 people don’t know when their smoke detector expires, but everyone knows how important they are.

“We feel that they are very important along with fire extinguishers. We have one in every room in our home.  They’re all linked together. We do check them fairly frequently,” Nicholas said.

The study also shows 50 percent of people have three or more smoke alarms in their residence.

“Obviously you should want working smoke detectors near any sleeping corridor, bedrooms, in bedrooms if possible.  In a kitchen, near a kitchen area where your cooking appliances are.  I have one down in my basement near my furnace room,” said Josh Pokorney, a public information officer with the Clear Lake Fire Department said.

Pokorney has seen the benefits of smoke alarms firsthand.

“It gives you that added seconds you need when if there is a situation arises, in my opinion it’s invaluable,” Pokorney said.

He stresses how important it is to talk with your family about their purpose.

“Putting up a smoke detector in your house and you have little kids, you want to tell them if this goes off here is the plan.  Want to have an escape route, escape plan, and talk about it monthly,” Pokorney said.

Another tip is to check your smoke detector twice a year.  To remind yourself to do so, check them when you turn your clocks back.

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