Changes To Ignition Interlocks

MASON CITY, Iowa – If you are driving under the influence you might be asked to use an ignition interlock. A statewide coalition is recommending Iowa’s ignition interlocks need to be strengthened after being ranked the weakest in the nation, according to the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau.

This year a group of law enforcement from the bureau came up with recommendations to reduce the number of impaired drivers.

Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Kevin Pals says although the system is a good tool to have there a ways that people try to beat the system.

“We get people that call in that they have a John Doe is letting little Jimmy blow into the breathalyzer for him so they can go to school or grocery shopping or get to work and I think one of the improvements that they can make is maybe make it so the machine is only one person is able to make the car go.”

Nearly 5,000 Iowans drive vehicles with ignition interlocks.

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