High Line Bike Trail


MASON CITY, Iowa – City Administrator Brent Trout says the city plans to work with Union Pacific Railroad, Backtrack Incorporated and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation on a new bike trail.

“Right now we’re currently working with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to get the appraisal done, so that we can get the appraisal done we can begin the negotiations with them in order to get the purchase of the property.”

Matt Curtis, the owner of Wayne’s Ski and Cycle was happy when heard a new bike trail was going to be built.

“I’m super excited for having that type of infrastructure in our city. It’s huge for cyclists,” says Curtis.

Trout says the five mile High Line Bike Trail will run north and south through the city, along 19th street southeast up to Lime Creek and will connect with county road B-20.

“I think what it does is that it provides an opportunity to be able to ride your bike on an off-road trail from the north end of town all the way to the south end,” says Trout.

As for Matt, he says he is thankful to see that city officials are coming together to provide an outdoor attraction for the community.

“You see a lot of communities that have really improved and embraced bike trails in cycling in their communities and it’s really changed the face of the community and how people travel.”

City officials say it will take several months before they can get the appraisals for the property.

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