Impact of Sandy Hook tragedy


MANLY, Iowa – School security really came to light after the Sandy Hook massacre.

With the rise in school shootings across the nation, Ethan Miller knows how important it is to keep his students safe.

“We also have a role to look at each individual kid and to pick up on who they are as a human being, as an individual to see if there’s some things that are going on with them that we can help them out, to hope something like this doesn’t happen,” the Central Springs High School character development and leadership instructor said.

Miller is referring to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.  He wants to think something like that will never happen at his school.

“When these tragedies do come about, it really does allow you to take a step back and look and say you know what, every single kid that walks inside of our building is the dream come true from their specific family they come from. We have to value and cherish those kids as if they are our own, because who knows the impact these individual students’ lives are going to make,” Miller said.

Central Springs Superintendent Steve Ward knows what happened in 2012 impacted schools like his.

“It was awareness for all of us schools,” Ward said.

School security changed dramatically.

“After your initial admission to school, all the doors are locked except the main doors in front of the access by the principal’s offices.  We’ve gone to removing keys for access to our building to either fob or cards to get in,” Ward said.

Code words are in place to let staff know if an incident is happening and administration is trained on what to do during an active shooter situation.  Miller has upped his efforts to make students care about each other, too.

“The beautiful part about what I do in my classroom is teaching character and leadership and also that of how to value other people in their own individual journey and their path,” Miller said.


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