MCFD purchase a new Ranger


MASON CITY, Iowa- Christmas came early for the Mason City Fire Department after purchasing a new 6 wheel Ranger with funds they received from the Grand Lodge of Iowa Oddfellows and Rebekahs, a fraternal organization.

Those with the department say they have been working to raise money for the purchase for the last three years. The total cost came to about $22,000.

They say they have seen a need for this type of equipment in the past.

“Just last year we had an incident at Lime Creek Nature Center where this would have come in handy,” says Deputy Chief Doug Janssen of the Mason city Fire Department. “We would use this for like hunting accidents, if they are out in the timber. or in a field. This will be very capable of getting patients of out situations like that.”

The fire department did have a four wheel ranger they previously received from the Cerro Gordo County EMA. They will be giving that Ranger back for their use.

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