Preparing for cold weather

MASON CITY, Iowa-  The first day of winter is Dec. 21, but the weather in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota is already dangerously cold. We spoke with a local man who explained how he’s staying safe outside.

David Whittemore of Mason City finished packing Wednesday before he moves to Wisconsin. He said moving in cold temperatures can be a hassle.

“The last time I moved it was more or less 80 or 90 degrees and heat to contend with, I didn’t expect to deal with zero temperatures,” said Whittemore. “You have to shed your coat when you go inside and put it back on when you go outside because you don’t want to catch a cold.”

People could experience hypothermia or a frost bite from cold temperatures. Whittemore said he experienced a frost bite in the past after having to walk four miles in the cold when his car wouldn’t work. “I was dressed in work clothes and the fabric was not really good for cold weather.”

Whittemore said it’s important to dress warm with a hat, gloves and a scarf when it’s cold, to avoid problems and for comfort.


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