Iowa DOT: Standing Corn Snow Fence are doing their job


KIMT News 3- For the last several years the Iowa Department of Transportation has been participating in the “Standing Corn Snow Fence” program. The idea is to leave 12-16 rows of corn unplowed to stop snow from entering the road way.

Those with the Iowa DOT say this week has been a good example of how they work. Just North of Mason City, it is hard to see the road at points while the wind is blowing and in some cases it was near white out conditions.

Just a few miles north of that in Worth County, there is a sign standing that reads, “Standing Corn Snow Fence Program.” You can see the snow blowing around on the field, but it never made it to the roadways.

“This is only the beginning of winter. The ditches aren’t even full of snow yet; they will fill up and you will see snow drifting across the areas where there isn’t a fence,” says Pete Hjelmstad, the Field Services Coordinator with the Iowa DOT. “Once we get further in to the season you will really see the benefit of the standing corn snow fence.”

Hjemlstad says they have a steady amount of farmers who participate each year, but are looking for more people to help out in more rural areas.

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