TEDxZumbroRiver 2017 accepting speaker applications

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Do you have an idea, thought or perspective you think other people would benefit from hearing? If so, you might be a great candidate for TEDxZumbroRiver 2017.

Applications and nominations are being accepted until the end of the year for the event, which is slated for May 18.

In May 2016, the popular speaker series was held in Rochester for the first time and ended up being one of the largest TEDx events in the entire Midwest, not to mention the largest in the state.

“Our first event, we had about 1,000 attendees, which is a really rare thing for these TEDx events,” explains Ben Creo, co-lead organizer of TEDxZumbroRiver. “Usually they start pretty small; you have about 100 people, you grow it very gradually, organically. We said, ‘Hey, we have a great town, we’re just going to go big and trust that people are going to come,’ and that really happened.”

Because it was a huge success, organizers have been busy planning for 2017. They’re searching for applicants that are up for the challenge of being featured as a TEDxZumbroRiver speaker.

“We want them to be your ideas, so not rehashing a popular book author you’ve heard or a great professor somewhere, but an idea you’ve developed that’s going to help us see the world in a new way,” Creo adds.

For the upcoming event, they’re looking for eight speakers to share 3-18 minute talks. Creo says anyone can apply to be a speaker. During the 2016 event, the speakers ranged from Mayo Clinic doctors to comedians to inspirational speakers and more.

The deadline to submit applications is midnight on Dec. 31. For more information and to apply, follow the link below.




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