Yahoo hacked accounts


MASON CITY, Iowa – Yahoo made the announcement this week that over 1 billion of its accounts were hacked in 2013.

Social media expert Sara Broers says this is something she sees all too often.

“The biggest mistake that I see people make is they tend to have one password for 12 accounts that goes from email accounts to social media accounts. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Yahoo,” says Broers, chief executive officer of Social Connections  LLC.

The stolen data includes sensitive user information like names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and security questions.

“If you’re using social media, make sure that you don’t go in and announce that you had a Yahoo account or Gmail account, well you are now announcing to the world that you have that account and you’re inviting more potential hackers to find you,” says Broers.

Another web expert agrees and says that applies to personal information, too.

“Don’t put out more information than you need to is one of those things where if people can gather all those little bits of pieces of information here and there, they have a lot of time to be able to hack into other accounts just based off of that information,” say Adam Frederick, president of WebWise Solutions.

“ is an app that you can download and people are probably thinking well maybe that will probably get hacked, well it’s supposedly not supposed to get hacked but it stores passwords for you,” says Broer.



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