Dog park project for Garner

VENTURA, Iowa- The FIRST LEGO League competition will be held Saturday at North Iowa Community College.

Teams participate in three different areas: showing the robots made out of LEGOS that can run missions independently, present a project on animal allies, and students are tested on core values for team work and professionalism.

LEGO League Team #3995 Flip the Switch is students in the Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community Schools. Their presentation is to create a dog park for Garner out of LEGOS.

Jake Burress, 7th grader at GHV Community Schools, is the project leader for the team. He said there has been a bunch of new developments in Garner such as a new recreation center and aquatic center, but one thing missing is a safe space for dogs. “People [walking their dogs] are using sidewalks and the streets and motorists don’t like it and pedestrians don’t like it.”

One of the first steps in going from a LEGO design to a real one is research. Burress said the team spoke with the people who started the Clear Lake Dog Park and Mason City Dog Park and found out it takes 3-5 years for completion of a dog park and up to $60 thousand.

Ben Stinnett, 6th grader at GHV Community Schools said the park design would offer a variety of options. “Building an area for big dogs, little dogs and agility, and a little bit of an office, so if they [residents] want to membership, they could join.”

Burress said the team is hoping people in Garner take part in their survey on their team’s Facebook page to express interest in a dog park so they can take that data to city officials. “Our goal is to get 300 people, which is about 10% of Garner.”

The survey can also be found at

Coach Joan Hanson said their team has been informed by the city administrator of Garner that a dog park has been added to the city council’s strategic planning agenda to add in the next 3-5 years.


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