When schools close for bad weather


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – When a winter storm hits, cancellations start coming in for churches, businesses and schools. And on Friday, over 50 schools in our area closed, let out of school early or delayed activities because of the winter weather. One of those districts is the Clear Lake Community School District which let students out at 1 p.m.

Superintendent Doug Gee says he started looking at the forecast Thursday, but didn’t make any decisions until Friday morning. He says the number one reason to let out early is safety.

“We got in this morning and we saw your moderate snow is going to start about 2 p.m.,” Gee said. “Our buses and everything can be back in in about 45 minutes so that’s when we decided on the 1 p.m.”

Gee says the time shouldn’t have to be made up because they are on an hours based system – which means they need 1,080 hours and they have over 1,100 built into the schedule.

Gee says he also takes into account student drivers who may not have much experience in this weather.

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