Local reaction to winter storm


MASON CITY, Iowa – The second winter storm of the season arrived Saturday.

There has been a lot of snowfall and the low temperature will be near 22 degrees below zero with wind chills around -30 to -45 degrees Saturday and into Sunday morning.

Katz Towing owner Paul Katz recommended people avoid driving if possible. “The wind’s going to pick up and once that wind picks up, visibility is going to be down to zero basically. You think you’re driving down the road and then next thing you know, you’re driving down in a ditch or you hit someone head on.”

Katz said drivers should carry an emergency kit in case you end up in a ditch, since you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting for someone. He said if drivers end up in a ditch when it’s -20 degrees outside, don’t expect a tow truck to come out until the next day when it warms up. 

Philip Wilcox of Mason City said he has seen a lot of cars driving through the winter storm, but he does not plan on leaving his house during the snowy conditions. Instead, he is taking care of the snow around the house.

“Not one of my favorite things (shoveling), but I got to do it anyways,” he said. “I did my whole driveway pretty much and I’m just shoveling the pavement right now.”

Wilcox said he plans to shovel throughout the day until the snow stops. “No breaks really.”

According to KIMT meteorologist Brandon Libby, a wind chill warning will be in effect from 6 p.m. Saturday through Sunday afternoon. For more information on the weather conditions, visit the forecast page.


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