Beware of black ice


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- The snow, cold and wind can make it hard to travel this time of year. The roads might be okay to drive on when the temperatures are in the 30’s but when they start to drop like they did over the weekend, that’s when roads become dangerous.

With a decrease in temps comes the danger for black ice out on the roads.

Freeborn County’s Sheriff Kurt Freitag shared some tips with us on how to stay safe. He says you should never slam on your breaks. Instead you should start slowing down well before you actually need to stop.

Also, make sure that your tires have been changed before the winter season, but most importantly never use cruise control when the roads are bad.

“Cruise control is good in the spring, summer and fall when there is no threats of any ice, but in winter just stay away from it,” said Freitag. “We’ve had quit a few crashes in the past. One was a double fatal that I can remember where we were able to determine that the driver was using cruise control.”

Another important tip is when you’re exiting the interstate make sure you slow down before going on the ramp.


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