Delivering Christmas cheer

MASON CITY, Iowa – ‘Tis the season of giving, and a group of student volunteers from North Iowa are doing just that.

Dozens of blankets, Buddy Blankets as the students of YIELD call them, are coming through the doors of Francis Lauer. And it’s been a months-long process.

“To kind of see it take shape from getting the idea to getting donations to buying the fabric and actually cutting and tying the fabric has been really amazing,” Andrew Morse said. “And so it’s almost unbelievable at this point here we are in December a few months later finally getting to deliver them.”

The blankets will be part of the kids’ Christmas presents at Francis Lauer. One official with the organization is hoping others learn from the generosity.

“We know how to be grateful for what we have in our lives versus what we don’t have in our lives,” Executive Director Jean McAleer said. “And I think kids are our best teachers and if we pay attention to our children and watch in their generosity, we can be more generous in our lives.”

Morse is hoping for the same thing, especially during the holiday season.

“Our biggest hope is the community will kind of take this as inspiration and start paying it forward and start taking care of each other,” he said.

Although the students won’t be meeting weekly anymore, Morse says he will build on the friendships he’s made in the last several months and hopes they continue to give back together.

“I made some really good friends and it’s just been great to kind of grow closer together over this project and hopefully we’ll continue that through the future,” Morse said.

Blankets were also donated to Four Oaks and the Department of Human Services.

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