Food donations down


MASON CITY, Iowa – While it is the time of year to give, area food pantries are struggling.

Donations are coming in, but not enough to keep up with the demand.  Ozzie Ohl with Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank says they’re seeing a decrease in food and financial donations.  The food shelf in Olmsted County is down 200,000 pounds of food.

Albert Lea’s Salvation Army is behind as well.  Ohl says last month, they were $6,000 short.

If they wouldn’t have caught up, they’d be behind by three months’ worth of food.

“It makes us a little bit nervous because we do rely so much on those financial donations that come from very generous people throughout North Iowa,” Ohl said.

Those working at food pantries and shelves in North Iowa and southern Minnesota say they’ve seen a large number of people coming in.

Financial donations allow food banks to buy food at a reduced price.  Ohl says they can buy food for 14 cents a pound.

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