Shopping a few days before Christmas


MASON CITY, Iowa – According to the National Retail Federation, millions of people still have holiday shopping to do.

Regan Banks of Manly shopped at GameStop in Mason City on Wednesday. He said shopping for grandchildren can be difficult, so he decided to purchase a gift card.

“With these new video games from the Xbox One to the Wii U game,” said Banks. “I just figured he would love a gift card so he can purchase something he’d love to play on.”

Banks said during the holiday season, he also purchased a lot of gifts for family online. He said when he buys items online, he makes sure to check the fine lines for time frames and additional charges.

Olivia Smoldt-Hall of Clear Lake said for at least the past five years, she has been doing most of her holiday shopping online.

“You don’t have to wait through the crowds or the slush outside.”

The NRF survey shows more than 50 percent of last minute shoppers are planning on purchasing their gift online.


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